Do you wanna know about Paper Based TOEFL… Let’s Read it…..

There are fiifty questions-Thirty on part A; twenty on part B and C.

There are three types of questions-short conversation;longerconversation and class discussions;mini -talks and lectures

There are three types of questions are presented in three separate parts. Part A has short conversation; part B has long conversations and class discussions; part C has mini-talks lecture….

everyone taking the TOEFL answers the same questions

The test administrators plays a tape and adjust the volume

there are no pictures or visual cues

you hear the question, but they are not written out for you to read

everyone taking the TOEFL proceeds at same pace. you can not pause the tape.

the section is yimed. at the end of the tape, you must have completed the section

you may not replay eny of the conversations or lectures.

all of the questions are multiplechoice.

every question has only one answer..

you answer on a paper answer sheet, filling in ovals marked (A), (B), (C), and (D).

you can return to previous questions,erase,and change anwers on your answers sheet.

you may not take a notes…

Hopely… it is help you…  



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