Civilization Dialog “A wonderfull book…..”

The topic writing in this book was about the basic problem of humanbeing, which really urged in this century. Even, it has been mused and discussed by our ancestors when they understood the aims of life. It was also possible that this problem would be everlasting and talking as far as the age of humanbeing.


(The Great Figures…)



This book was talking about how to create the perfect human. This concept appeared in every period. “insan kamil, seperman, ubermen” were terminologies which have ever been the historical icons in the world. These terminologies related with the humanbeing exsistences of philosophy problems.


On Islamic tradition, this concept was not only in a dream world like Nietche’s illusion, but also in a factual world. These personalities have ever listed in the historical data. We called them as messengers of god and friend of messengers. Their life inspired Ary Ginanjar and Anis Matta to be created the civilization of reconstruction which was done before.


These figures agree in their hope and thought that in the next period, the humanbeing will reach the unity of politic and spiritual. The idea of “Indonesian gold” is created by Ary Ginanjar. Indonesian gold is civilized society who have the Spiritual Question (SQ), Emotional Question (EQ), and Intellectual Question (IQ). It doesn’t purpose to create the society who have the economic wealthy and the best intellectual but they have the weakness on spiritual life. The other way, it doesn’t purpose to create the great spiritual life, but they have the weakness on economic and intellectual life. Whereas, Anis has the obsession to be designed this country by the design of Allah SWT. Indeed, he introduces three steps of civilization. (1) Afilliation means a process to be a perfect (paripurna) person, (2) Participation means a process of transferring his/her knowledge to make the civilized society and (3) Contribution, means that a process to get his/her specialization and afterward he/she tries to give the contribution for her/his environment.


It took from a book entitle “civilization dialog” writing by Ary G. and Anis M.

To be continued…………


2 komentar di “Civilization Dialog “A wonderfull book…..”

  1. Wss…

    Alhamdulillah sudah kembali semangat membacanya 😀

    sedikit sara jika memulai kebiasaan membaca lagi, silahkan baca karya2 beliau.. those were so wonderfull…

    Sy baru baca karyanya “model manusia muslim abad dua satu” dan pernah mepresentasikannya di salah satu forum ADK…
    A great book… 🙂

    Alhamdulillah, My hobby to read some books was back 😀

    one sugsestion for all of you. if you want to start the reading habbit, you must read his books.. Those were so wonderfull..

    I still read his book entitle “model manusia muslim abad dua satu” and i presented in a ADK’s meeting..
    A Great book… 🙂

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