Civilization Dialog “How to get our goals..”

The big goals or obsessions, the dreams that we want to get in our life, something that we do as leading deeds, commonly need a long time to reach. Dividing our goals on some targets is done to get our goals, afterward it distributed in the unit of time which is shorter. This method is done by some working principle, at least the following are :

  1. We need a process

We can not reach our goals in the same time. Indeed, the goals must be made as stair and we climb it one by one. We must be made it even though these processes can not be done harder. When we do it hurried, commonly, we become the untidy person and we will fail.

  1. Priority Principle

Anything that we do by process need the priority principle. Because we can not reach everything that we want in one time. Therefore we must be dividing it in some unit of steps. But to identify where do we get the first step ?, what is the first step ?, and why do we do it first ?, we need to use the priority concept.

This concept teaches that some something done for the first time is closer with our ability to do it and the goals in our life than others.

  1. Balance Principle

This concept teaches that to reach every progress we can not sacrifice the other aspects in our life. We must keep our life on balance principle, balance of world and akhirat, material and spiritual, knowledge and action, ruh and physical, mind and heart, carrier and family, and the last are personal and social life.

  1. Continually Principle

This concept teaches that one thing needing to keep for getting our goals is constantly work. It means we have to work continually to get those goals.

Constantly work is influenced by continually of our spirit and motivation. This principle believes that a great success is a combination of some unit of successes. As we know, water can plerce the stone when it drips the stone constantly.

  1. Momentum Principle
    We must have believing principle. Unfortunately, sometimes outside condition or situation of ourselves creates a momentum to do a big jump in our life and overlooked the steps arranged before. This momentum come suddenly and we have never been thinking and tried to get it before. If you get this moment, you must take it.

When we distributed our goals in the unit of times, therefore we must have tried to learn how to begin our life planned before ?, how to begin our life with a clear manner ?, and how to begin our life with a mechanism and rule ?. the most confusion in our life was caused by the activities that we done were out of planning, and the last are out of manner and rule that we made before.

To do this concept, we must understand three steps. They are :

  1. Keep on Harmony

  2. Try to enjoy your activities

  3. Arrange your schedules


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