Story of January 2013


Only one word: AMAZING!

I could not describe how happy I am. Today is January 25 2013, and this is the third week of January or in the beginning of the fourth week. I started my whole life again in the beginning of January, more precisely it was planned on 3th January 2013 after coming back from 10 days holiday in Trenggalek. 10 days holiday was quite long hence after coming back from Trenggalek I reschedule and re-planned my whole life.

Well, I read “Mengelola hidup dan merencanakan masa depan (MHMD)” almost 6 years ago. I also planned my life after reading that book, but recently, this is going to be more real. Amazing!. I have 7 goals in this month and made more than 10 goals in this year. I divided my one year goals in each month and wrote down on my own agenda so then I can control it. After working and controlling my works in order to finish my goals, this 22 days have confirmed that my 7 goals are DONE. wow! this shows the power of discipline. I submit 4 papers (2 journals and 2 conferences), learning probabilistic analysis of earthquake engineering, finishing the proposal of travel grant for 2 conferences, memorizing 22 ayahs in Al Qur’an, and finishing 2 editions of the NEUTRON journal. Wow, that is huge. I never be so discipline on finishing my works. What makes difference with my previous activities? it’s because these 4 papers are collaborated with my wife. I wish one from 2 submitted journals will be accepted, that would be very special for me and my family.

During this period, I also joined Mukhayyam taking 4 days in Karang Kates, East Java. This is one of the hardest thing that i’ve ever done in my whole life. Walking 15 hours in the rainy condition, not washing my body for more than 2 days. That was insane! But unfortunately, I enjoyed it even though it was super hard! I watched 2 movies, and maybe 2 more movies since I still have 2 days holidays in this weekend. Enjoying the 2013 Malaysia SS and the Korean SSP, Following the news of Australian Open 2013, and enjoying my life with my family. I still have the time to do that. So it exactly indicates that if you can manage your time correctly, you will be very happy. The other keys are because I did it with my passion and also I have my family who really supports me.

All the answer why I can do this is ONLY because of ALLAH, my lord. I have to say that I am nothing without HIM. So hopefully I will be going to be healthy to finish my all goals in this years and the years after. This is just the start!

Jia You!

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