Accepted in International journal of Computer Applications (IJCA)


Well, before I am starting my day today, I felt that I would get a good news today, especially about my paper submission in 3 journals. I submitted the paper collaborated with my wife (Ratih NEA) at 3 different journals, of course with 3 different topics. They are:

(1) International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA);

(2) Natural Hazard (SCI Journal); and

(3) International Journal of Engineering (IJE) idexed by SCOPUS, COMPENDEX, and Islamic SCI

An today I got this following email:

Dear Ario Muhammad and Ratih Nur Esti Anggraini,

We are delighted to inform that your research paper has been “Accepted for Publication” in International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA) February 2013 Edition. 

Paper Title: Java Earthquake Program (JEP) to Predict the Recurrence Time of Significant Earthquake in Indonesia

Paper Reference ID: pxc3885428

The important deadlines regarding publication are as follows: 

  • Camera ready paper submission : February 5, 2013
  • Copyright transfer : February 5, 2013 (IJCA Copyright Form)

The research article will be published in the IJCA Digital Library on February 15, 2013. 

All the selected papers will be published in IJCA Digital Library with initial indexing with Google Scholar, CiteSeer, UlrichsWeb and ScientificCommons Index, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. The articles are also indexed with SAO/NASA ADS Physics Abstract Service supported by Harvard University and NASA, Informatics and ProQuest CSA Technology Research Database. International Journal of Computer Applications is a voting member of CrossRef, USA and each of its research articles is allotted a unique DOI reference.

You are requested to re-submit your paper as Camera Ready Copy (CRC) in DOC/ DOCX and/or Latex file format conforming to the prescribed IJCA Paper Template on or before February 5, 2013. Also find attached the copy of the Review Report upon your research article along with the IJCA template.

IMPORTANT: Conformance to IJCA template is mandatory for inclusion and citation with Google Scholar, CiteSeer, UlrichsWeb, NASA ADS and ProQuest CSA Technology Research Database.

Thank you for your association with IJCA.
Best regards,

Editorial Support Team,

International Journal of Computer Applications,

Foundation of Computer Science,

New York, USA.

I submitted this paper on January 15 for publication at February Edition. In the beginning, I am quite sure that this paper will be accepted. And finally it’s true. It was accepted with minor correction. So happy for sure.

Surprisingly, I got the total score of 70 (1-100) and it leads my paper to the category of minor correction. More precisely, I am so glad that my English used in that paper was scored 80. 😛

Now I am waiting for another 2 journals. I am sure that my SCI journal paper will be rejected. It is just for practice on how to submit the paper in SCI Journal. I don’t know for IJE, I wish it will be accepted. 🙂

I still wait for the acceptance announcement for my paper in ICNCT 2013 (Korea) and in the end of February, I also will write the paper for ICTS 2013 which will be held in Bali in the middle of this year. A lot of plans have written in my Agenda and I am so happy to welcome the new month, FEBRUARY. Of course with a bunch of spirit and works!



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