Beasiswa Islamic Development Bank (IDB) untuk S3 dan Postdoctoral 2015/2016


Akhirnya, yang kami tunggu-tunggu keluar juga pengumumannya.

Berikut pengumuman umumnya yang saya ambil dari sini. 3 orang penerima beasiswa IDB dari Indonesia terdahulu yang saya tahu, semuanya perempuan 🙂

Mohon do’anya Istri saya bisa tembus.

Untuk detail cara aplikasinya silahkan bongkar-bongkar web IDB ya. Masih sampe 31 Maret 2015.


For Academic Year 2015-16

    1. The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) is delighted to announce that scholarships under the IDB Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology for the academic year 2015-16 are open for application. The scholarships will be awarded to successful applicants effective September 2015.
    2. The applicant must be a citizen of an IDB member country, be a permanent employee of an academic institution or a research centre of his/her country and must satisfy all the eligibility requirements of the Programme.
    3. The Programme is designed to help promising research students to pursue a full-time three-year Ph. D study in scientific disciplines that enhance development in IDB member countries, with priority to Health/Medicine, Agriculture/Food Production, Water Resources/Desertification, Energy/Infrastructure Development, Nanotechnology and ICT for Development.
    4. The successful candidate for the PhD programme must secure admission at one of the universities listed in the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES). Please visit the THES website:
    5. Priority shall be given to those Ph.D. applicants who have secured admission at universities that have concluded a cooperation agreement with the IDB such as University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of Nottingham, University of Birmingham, University of York and University College London in the UK, Princeton University in USA, Paris-Tech in France and KAUST in Saudi Arabia
    6. Applications for post-doctoral research are invited to undertake a six-twelve month specific innovative project to address a problem-solving matter in member countries such as Malaria, Corona, Ebola, Food production, Water Resources/Desertification, Energy, etc. at Research Centres of Excellence which have the facilities and equipment to undertake cutting-edge research projects, both in IDB member countries as well as in advanced countries. This is to focus on most crucial development areas of IDB member countries in addition to what it was highlighted in the IDB Vision 1440H.
    7. The successful candidate for the Postdoctoral Research Project must secure invitation letter from one of the Research Centres of Excellence in either the IDB member countries or advanced countries, and not from a university.
    8. The scholarship comprises tuition fees, living allowance on single-status basis, health insurance and round-trip air-ticket. The selected candidates are not entitled to bring their families with them.
    9. The prospective applicants should visit the IDB website: to download the Programme’s application form and to read full information about the eligibility requirements, how to apply, the Programme’s benefits and facilities.
    10. The applicant must complete the application form and send it together with all the requisite documents, as mentioned on the concluding page of the form, through the office of the IDB Governor for the applicant’s country and not directly to the IDB Headquarters in Jeddah. The application must reach the concerned IDB Governor’s Office or its designated office by March 31, 2015. Applications received directly at the IDB will not be entertained.

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