Journey to PhD (33) – Mulai menulis PhD dissertation


My suggestion at this point is one nice chapter about the DEM and bathymetry – with the particular focus for Indonesia. For now keep this chapter max 40-50 pages including all figures and tables and double spaced texts. You should be able to do this by mostly cut and paste.
The same applies to the benchmarking of tsunami simulation. The purpose of this chapter is (1) you have got the correct result and (2) you introduce some metrics for comparison – both time series wise and scalar wise (max height). Hopefully you will set the standard for the rest of the thesis. This part includes all simulation procedures – nesting systems, Okada, nonlinear shallow water, inundation, etc.

Say you aim for 300 pages – if you complete these two chapters you basically have 1/3 (100 pages). If you have 3 or 4 additional 50-page chapters – your thesis is more or less complete from ‘volume’ point of view.

Email di atas adalah email dari Supervisor saya Jum’at lalu setelah kami mendiskusikan kelanjutan riset saya. Rabu pekan lalu menjadi momen yang sangat berharga untuk menjaga motivasi saya selama studi. Setelah mempresentasikan progress riset saya, supervisor saya kemudian mengatakan hal yang cukup membuat saya kaget.
“Now you need to write 80 pages of report”
“Whaat..?” Beberapa rekan lab saya cukup kaget.
“No.. it’s in double space. It will be about 100 pages. These can be 2 chapters of your PhD thesis.”
Dan rekan satu labku semakin kaget.
“You already start to write? No waay..”
Saya kikuk dan hanya tersenyum merespon mereka.

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