National Journal

[1]  Muhammad, A., Muntohar, A.S., 2007,Uses of lime – rice husk ash and plastic fibers as mixtures-material in high-plasticity clayey subgrade: A preliminary studyJurnal Semesta Teknika, Vol. 10 No. 2, pp 145-154, Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (Text in English). [LINK]

International Journal

[1] Muhammad A, Goda K and Alexander N (2016) Tsunami Hazard Analysis of Future Megathrust Sumatra Earthquakes in Padang, Indonesia Using Stochastic Tsunami Simulation. Front. Built Environ. 2:33. doi: 10.3389/fbuil.2016.00033. [LINK]

[2] Mori N, Muhammad A, Goda K, Yasuda, T and Angulo A. R (2017) Probabilistic tsunami hazard analysis of the Pacific Coast of Mexico: Case study based on the 1995 Colima Earthquake Tsunami. Accepted and will be appeared soon in Front. Built Environ.

[3] Muhammad A, Goda K, Alexander N, Kongko, W and Muhari A (2017) Tsunami evacuation plans for future megathrust earthquakes in Padang, Indonesia considering stochastic earthquake scenarios. Under reviewed at Natural Hazard and Earth System Sciences (NHESS; SCI&SCOPUS Journal; IF = 2.27).


[1]  Muntohar, A.S., Muhammad, A., Damanhuri., Dinnoor, S., 2008, Characteristic of The Soil Strength Surrounding Lime-Column, The National Seminar of Science and Technology (SATEK-2), 17-18 November 2008, Universitas Lampung, Indonesia.

[2]  Muntohar, A.S., Muhammad, A., Damanhuri., Dinoor, S., 2009, Liquefaction Potential of Sandy Soil Surrounding Lime-ColumnThe National Conference of Civil Engineering (KONTEKS-3), 6-7 May 2009, Pelita Harapan University, Indonesia.

[3]  Chen, T, C., Lin, C, Y., Muhammad, A., Chang, T, P., 2010, UPV-Oriented Relationships of Engineering Properties and Void Ratios in Normal Concrete, The 10th National Conference on Structural Engineering, 1-3 December 2010, Tao-yuan, Taiwan.

[4]  Muhammad, A., Rosyidi, S.A., Siegfried., 2011, Backcalculation Analysis on Falling Weight Deflection Data for Elastic Modulus Measurement on Pavement Structure, Proceeding The 2th International Annual Indonesian Scholar Conference in Taiwan (AISCT-2) 19-20 March 2011, Taichung, Taiwan.

[5]  Muhammad, A., Chang, T, P., 2011, Non-destructive Ultrasonic Evaluation of Epoxy Material Subjected to Different Aging Condition Using Numerical Simulation, Accepted to be presented at International Conference on Technological Advancements on Civil Engineering (ICTACE), 19-20 February 2011, Hyderabad, India.

[6] Muhammad, A., Anggraini., R.N.E., 2013, Java language program application on predicting the next earthquake in Indonesia, Accepted to be presented at The 2013 2nd International Conference on Network and Computing Technology (ICNCT). 11-13 May 2013, Seoul, South Korea.

[7] Muhammad, A., Anggraini., R.N.E., 2013, The Development of Java Earthquake-Tsunami Program (JETP) to Predict the Recurrence time of Tsunami in Indonesia, Submitted to The 7th International Conference on Communication, Information, Communication Technology and System (ICTS). 14-16 May 2013, Bali, Indonesia.

[8] Muhammad, A., Goda., K., Alexander, N., 2016, Study on Senisitivity of Tsunami Simulation Wave Profiles to Bathymetry Datasets, the 2016 International Conference of Coastal Engineering, 17-22 July 2016, Istanbul-Turkey.


[1] Muhammad, A., Rosyidi, S.A., Siegfried., 2009, Backcalculation Analysis on Falling Weight Deflection Data for Elastic Modulus Measurement on Pavement Structure, Bachelor Thesis. Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (UMY), Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

[2] Muhammad, A., Chang, T.P., 2011, Numerical Study on Reflected Ultrasonic Responses in CFRP-Concrete Structure with Various Voids at Interface Layer, Master Thesis. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), Taipei, Taiwan.


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