[Tutorial] How to extract tsunami observation data from tide gauge stations using MATLAB


The “tutorial” series contain the articles regarding my research work. It will present some tricks on working with the research regarding seismic and tsunami risk analysis. The topic can be broad depending on my current works.

Previously, I have a research weblog contained my research information during my master degree. However, to make it simple, I will write down some articles regarding specific topics related to my current works in this blog. I made several series of Java language programming tutorial on solving random analysis couple years ago. I want to continue this positive activities to improve my knowledge and to discuss with other students/researchers who face the similar problems.

Today’s tutorial is about “Extracting tsunami observation data from tide gauge stations.” 

I faced a “big” problem while presenting my research in the front of my first and second supervisor on last June related to the observation of tsunami wave data. This obstacle also became an issue when I was presenting my progress in zemi (weekly meeting in Japan) at Coastal Engineering Laboratory, DPRI-Kyoto University. I need to understand how the water level is measured on tide gauge station. In addition, this observation data need to be further analysed in order to appropriately used for tsunami simulation result analysis.

The observation data of tsunami wave from tide gauge station are taken from tide gauge station distributed around the world. It can be accessed from this link.  You can search specific region buy clicking the country name. As I want to work with Sumatra (Indonesia) case, then I just need to search Indonesia tide gauge stations. The complete list of station is further displayed in your screen as shown in Figure 1.


The tide gauge station list in Indonesia

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